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My wife had a little to play for several years before I married her, I knew he liked a bit of variety so when the time came, in fact, when he said he met rubias19 a man, thought for a change we had a serious conversation about it. She assured me that they have sex only and the possibility of another rooster, which was absolutely not interested in dating me. To make rubias19 a long story short, it worked, not only that, but has always had great sex afterwards. So from time to time, at home and at various festivals, they witnessed a fucking different men. She always told me how to evaluate, but always insisted he only feels the tail of another man for rubias19 them. Not only that, but another woman encouraged me from time to time because I knew that before we married, I had to rubias19 find a lot. We had a great time in recent years. After 1 year, we were on holiday in Turkey and a woman had a residence permit on their own in the same hotel. She and Debs came as a houthemselves on fire and flirted shamelessly with me. One night in bed after a good fuck session Debs asked me if I do not like this woman, whose name is Terry, short for Teresa. She said I, Debs and asked me why not go and try to penetrate it. So I did, said Terry says that while she had hoped, because I really thought I would. He said that Debs and entered the night with Terry to stay, she was a real tiger in bed, absolutely everything, I had a great time. She had a great figure with nice breasts and a beautiful pussy, she loved orally and in particular asked me, dear - sucking the juice in my mouth, then kiss them and give them to her. He said he noticed a big change, I had never done anything like this before, but obviously enjoyed it. I told Deb about it the next day, I said it sounded fine, and would not mind drinking Terry pussy - juice. They are so on the beach in the afternoon came to Terry, who had three. 'Oh, that would be great,' which said, ' I would try the pussy ! ' So that night she came rubias19 to our room. We all had a shower and then the women fell on each other. To the best of my knowledge Debs had never been with another woman, but she told Terry that she had a best friend school when rubias19 I was twelve and had played together and enjoyed it. Terry immediately went down in Debs licking and sucking rubias19 pussy juice drinking, while Debs came and went. Terry 's mouth filled with juice itself Debs Debs pussy and eagerly swallowed and gave him the compliment. of course I had a raging hard and finally fucked as it turned out that Terry loved to come to the face, forcing me, Debs was licking. with Terry knelt face and lowered her pussy on her while Terry was leaking sperm and drank from it until it was over. I licked both her ​​pussy and fucks them both, in one way or another, or that shit all night and licked at therefore they were. even have managed to lick pussy Debs Terry ', while I was fucking. All this went on vacation and I went home completely broken, while the game with another woman hot Debs Fanny excited, she has done since.
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